Xarxa Oberta

integral design / organisational innovation / pedagogy / urban strategy

2017 – actualidad
Promoted: Castellón City Council + Carpe
Colaboration: Adriana García y Laura Murillo.

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Xarxa Oberta is a platform that aims to promote the collaborative culture inside Castellón to foster the social, cultural and economical fabric of the city by involving citizenship and institutions in the process.

It is a transversal project committed to the value of the territory and its inhabitants to transform it. Xarxa Oberta relies on the potential of collaborative work to promote a “synergy ecosystem” where citizenship, public sector and private sector work to build together the future of Castellón.

Xarxa Oberta works as an incubator for collective and civic actions, processes and projects that want to make Castellón become a more open, collaborative and sustainable city.