Xarranca REC


June 2014
Promoted: REC 09 Experimental Stores Festival
Video | https://xarrancarec.wordpress.com/

Winning proposal of the Rec Art Perfomance contest within the Rec.09 Experimental Stores festival.

This “urban hopscotch ” invaded streets, squares, industrial buildings and corners of the historic district of Igualada, connecting public and private spaces. During the process, the hopscotch was developed in a continuous dialogue with the different urban elements, playing with them and giving them different uses from the usual ones. In this “urban hack”, the banks were transformed into boxes that invited to jump, the fountains and sewers were “connecting doors” and the white spots on the walls worked as “vertical boxes”.

The proposal have two parts: one physical and another digital. The digital extended the traditional game with QR codes arranged along the route, through which, users could learn more about their city. In case of physical part, being a popular game with a form recognizable by the collective imagination, allowed to be used intuitively. In addition, through a game kit, users became spontaneous “hopscotchers” who expanded the playground.