Sentient City: infraestructure for participation


Promoted: Carpe + Contexto [arquitectura]
Colaboration: Editorial UPV
PDF publication

Carpe and Contexto Arquitectura have coordinated the edition of this publication titled same way as the seminar to which it refers.

Sentient City: infrastructure for participation is a space for communication, creation and collective research that reflects on the city as an infrastructure for social innovation. The seminar was introduced in the process of urban transformation #SiembraOrriols, an initiative that aims to recover and activate “the wasteland of San Jerónimo’s chapel” in Orriols, through an intensive workshop from July 6 to 10, 2015 that included workshops, conferences and debate spaces. Knowledge and applicable proposals was generated and shared for this specific case study. In this way, citizenship involved in the transformation of this disuse space into a process for its regeneration.