sembra Orriols

integral design / pedagogy / placemaking

March 2016 – May 2016
Valencia, Spain
Promoted: Valencia City Council
Colaboration: Contexto Arquitectura, Elisabet Quintana

SembraOrriols is a process for the collaborative design of the chapel’s square in Orriols neighborhood, Valencia.

Known as the “wasteland of the chapel” and claimed by the citizens for years, the new square means an important opportunity to get a public space in the core of the old village of Orriols. This transformation allows a physical infrastructure to be provided to several neighborhood, social and multicultural projects that are redefining a framework of coexistence in the neighborhood.

After several years of local actions that claimed the use of the public space, the City Council opens the process #sembraOrriols to join different opinions to the reflection on the wasteland and its transformation.

Through 4 phases, citizens, municipal technicians, design team, citizenship and university community are involved to: understand Orriols public spaces network, imagine the role that the new plaza should have, test its use in a 1: 1 model and evaluate the impact of the project.