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“We live in the city of fear, excessive regulation and categorization of what happens in our environment have bound us to limited rules of the game, where there is no space for improvisation, imagination and emotions. The wrong introduction of technologies has increased the degree of control over measurable variables based on their public policies.This disregard for the intangible variables that represent the human life of cities has led, together with the introduction of ICTs in our routine, the transfer of public space to the digital sphere: a virtual space in which to obtain freedom and recover the debate that has been lost in the physical public space, faced with this new physical-digital duality of public space, we consider the possible connection of both with the city ​​as an interface: the gamification of the processes of cities, the physical-digital hybridization in games urban or the Lighter & Quicker & Cheaper concept are present in contemporary innovative projects outlined below. As a proposal for the future, we will bet on the ludocracy that uses the game as an actuating mechanism for the reconquest of the physical public space, showing the city as an enlarged game board. “