Ciudad Sensible

integral design / pedagogy / placemaking / research / urban devices

Promoted: Carpe (2013, 2014), Carpe + Contexto [arquitectura] + Orriols Conviu (2015)
Colaboration: Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, ETSA-UPV, Aula Ciutat

Ciudad Sensible is an hybrid space of communication, research and action for the city from a social and urban innovation approach. Through a program of expanded knowledge it explores and promote a new way of understanding the city-making, where Ciudad Sensible appears as an open source, inclusive and active model of city  capable of promoting new dynamics in the city making to involve citizens in the transformation of their own city through a more open and participative management model of it.

Ciudad Sensible consists on a program that includes lectures, debates and workshops where university, technicians and citizens work together to address real problems and needs of the contemporary city.

It is not only a place from where to discuss and to reflect on new ways of city making, but also a space from which to transfer the knowledge generated to the society, looking for a real and direct impact on the territory. Ciudad Sensible is thus a platform that “locates” the collective intelligence in the territory by bringing the university to the streets and the streets to the university.