AZA clinic


Enguera, Valencia
Promoted: Azahara fisioterapia y osteoparía
Colaboration: Crux Arquitectos
Photos: Milena VillalbaOriginal text: Ana Asensio

The AZA clinic “is organized around spaces articulated by moving panels, (…) adapting to a program of uses which optimizes the scarce surface, reactivating the excesive
rigidity of the rectangular place (…) and gives the accurate scale to
each human activity.” An architecture able to accommodate, in addition to physiotherapy and osteopathy, a set of daily activities aimed at body care: reception, consultation and activities room.

The aim is to design a space without nooks that speaks for itself. In order to achieve it the warmth of the wood is contrasted with the sobriety of the polycarbonate, making the light to pass through. Both together, they create “the cross” structure that will allow the adaptation of the space intuitively throughout its life.